Where to go when your lease expires?

Where to go when your lease expires?

Our Lease is expiring and the Landlord won’t renew. We need to move by Wednesday what do we do?

Serviced office is what came to mind first of all, however we were then told they had found a new place but would need to get it cabled up and online in less than 5 days with a weekend in between. Wifi is great and works well however good old fashioned structured cabling is still used by the majority of business. It is especially a requirement if you are running voip hard phones and want to power them from a POE switch.

How quick can you get me a floor plan and when can we get in? I asked. The details were provided and one of our teams went onsite to have a look. “Its a mess boss! They’ll need electrics done too.” After some more discussion we agreed we could do it, We got the quote together and sent it through. A few minutes later we had the green light. All the items we didn’t have in stock were ordered in. For this to work everyone needed to work as a well oiled machine. We had limited time and needed multiple doing different things in the same area. We put a plan together and had 2 shifts running back to back to get the job done.

The team worked hard and got everything in, up and running on time. “I’m very impressed” said our customer. “Not only did you deliver what you said you would on time, you were Cheaper than the other quotes we had!”

Our aim is to deliver what business need rather than selling or promoting solutions we want to sell. Give our team a call and see what we can delivery for you.

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