Are you paying too much for your infrastructure?

Are you paying too much for your infrastructure?

As business is good and growing inevitably so does your infrastructure cost. but the age-old motto seems to live with most Directors “if it ain’t broke why fix it?” This has created a plethora of companies having huge infrastructure costs that they don’t necessarily need. From a business perspective, everything works and is managed or maintained by support and service agreements. Management have someone to blame or turn to when something goes wrong and generally things chug along nicely day to day.

This is fine until business stops growing or starts to take a downturn. Then Management are looking at every cost on the books. Do we need this? How can we save on that? This is where the negotiations start. Internal IT managers don’t want to change the “babies” they have lovingly created and cared for when times were good. They don’t want to go through the labour pains and learning curves of new things and often reply back saying we need this or we can’t do this without even looking for any alternatives.

We all know that the IT manager is the expert in his field and he or she has already invested valuable time in choosing the right solution which works for the business. However It managers rarely look at what their competitors are doing and closely guard what they have set up.

This is where external eyes are required. There are a few choices here:
1 Expensive Managment consultants who are glorified messengers, due to having limited technical capabilities, between the Business and an IT company that they have worked with before.
2 The business starts to look for solutions themselves relying solely on the IT Managers skills
3 Outsourcing to an IT company who have dealt with similar scenarios before.

Each of the above will work to a varying degree of success depending on how much investment is made. However, there is a fourth option. What if there was someone who thought like a Business mand and was tech savvy too. What if they had no affiliation to a single source of technology and were driven not by tech but by how much money they could make or save for a business.

This is where Vyspa come in. Yes, we do have a number of tried and tested solutions like those companies above. However, we don’t look at a business from a tech perspective and tell a business how they should change to use tech. We look at a business from the business side. We find out how the business works and how it uses tech. And then we see what needs to be kept and what can be added or replaced. We make technology work for the business and each one of our proposals includes a projected ROI. We also stay in touch with top specialist accountants to make sure that you are benefitting from your entitled allowances from the TAX MAN. How many IT firms do that?

In a recent implementation, We switched a customers cloud infrastructure which they managed themselves to a fully managed solution which yielded an 80% reduction in their monthly cost. They now have a very happy IT guy in house who has saved approximately 8 hours a week due to not having to manage their infrastructure. With our fee, this project had a 3 month ROI.

Their MD just gave me a call to look at their next project!

Do you need a fresh approach to IT then give us a call

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