Working from home.

Working from home.

As the UK went into lockdown business owners already struggling for the reduction in business have been eager to get their Staff up and running at home. This wasn’t an issue for those on our hosted platform as the Desktop or mobile app are all you need to be connected wherever you are in the world.

However, for a lot of customers that have in house systems the journey has been a little more time consuming depending on the customers needs. We don’t have the word ** in our vocabulary. Our instant response was YES we will help and we will get all your users running remotely. This has involved liaising with external IT support desks who are involved or manage different services to ensure ports were opened up or VPN access was granted.

Our team all working from home have got everyone online with as little disruption as possible.

To give back to those affected we are offering any business our hosted VOIP for FREE for the next 2 months. You have all the features that you would need. The only thing you pay for is the ridiculously low call charges at just 1.5ppm for UK Local and national calls.

If you need a reliable solution for homeworkers without giving everyone’s personal mobile numbers out. Give us a call to sign up for free for 2 months!

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